In the instructions I see it mentioned that the cell can be installed vertically but all diagrams depict the flow switch being installed horizontally but I never see that statement in print. Keep a monkey wrench near at hand, already opened to the right size. This arrow needs to be pointed towards the return side of the swimming pool plumbing. The Hayward re-build kit for the Chlorinator should have new nuts and lines in the pack. Your email address will not be published.

My advice is to get rid of it. They should be able to provide this information. Feed the cable through the adapter terminal.

Sometimes chlorine gas can build up inside the chlorinator and when you open it, the gas could make you sick. No notation is on the cell itself and I'm not the original owner so don't have the paperwork from the install. This takes into consideration that some of the pvc plumbing will slip into the flow switch and salt cell. Aboveground or inground, all pools that use chlorine tablets, should also use a tablet feeder, like the Hayward Chlorinator.

Does it matter which pump I install the salt cell? With that measurement, find the correct spot in the return line after the equipment and cut out the properly measured section of pvc pipe. For v, connect the ground line to the green screw, the black to terminal one, jay z dating and the white to terminal four. Locate the control box close to the pump timer. If the O-ring stretches it will eventually it will jam up and you will not be able to close the lid tightly and it will leak.

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Mine works smooth and easy to latch all the way. My question is for the installation of the flow switch, can it be installed vertically? Not a perfect solution, because the timings might get out of sync. In-line chlorinators must be installed after the filter and after any heater. Once lid is on you can tighten the lid bolt slightly.

My logic says, if I connect the chlorinator to the terminals on the pump, the power from my panel will continue to feed to the chlorinator as long as the breaker is on. If you are comfortable with these efforts and understand this guide, you should be able to do this. Any recommendations on what everyone else id doing? Now that the new o-ring is back on the disk you can start to put the chlorinator back together in the reverse order that was described you above.

My experience was the o ring was jammed up. This model uses flexible black chlorine feeder hoses to connect the tank to the filter system. My big nut is facing straight up and the arrow underneath is pointing toward the pool. If the lines leak after installing new ones your problem could be an end that is cut on an angle, go back and re-cut that end of the line and re-install the line and you should not have a leak. Is there a special way to align the lid.

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First check that the displayed cell type is the same as the installed cell type. This way it always has power. Make sure you read and understand your owner's manual before installing your unit. And if I have two hot wires and a ground coming from my panel to the pump to complete the volt circuit, where does the chlorinator get the neutral wire?

  1. Had water tested twice in past two weeks and low chlorine was identified.
  2. Make sure the arrow of the flow switch is pointing in the direction of the flow of the water.
  3. Depending on where you put the control box, much of the electrical may already be in place with the old system.
  4. It does not have to be higher than or the same level as the pump.
  5. Push the one end of the conduit into the terminal adapter on the control box.
  6. Failure to adequately bond your power unit can lead to severe electrical shocks.

There is an aftermarket lid wrench available, or removal tool. How difficult is this change from one system to another one? Incorrect wiring can cause dangerous shocks and may void your warranty.

How to Install a Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator

Hayward Chlorinators Install and Maintain

The breaker has to handle the sum of the two amperages. Or is it always illuminated even while it's not generating chlorine? Just make sure to install the salt cell as the last unit before returning to the pool. The timer is not built into the control panel.

Please refer to your timer's manual for guidance. Use only water to flush out the feeder. Having a spare would not be a bad idea. This part is called the Hayward Chlorinator Cover Replacement O-ring if you should decide to buy the part at a local pool supply store such as Leslies or even online.

Take the lid apart make sure all looks good silicone grease the O ring and reapply lid with everything kind of loose. Variable speed pump run times. The pool water will eventually go through both pump systems. Be careful and do not over tighten the hold down screw or you could crack it. Wiring up a new variable speed pump with chlorinator.

Wiring up a new variable speed pump with chlorinator

Hayward Chlorinator Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

Trouble Free Pool

Should the chlorinator be replaced? Now that you know that there are two different styles of the chlorinators you will now have to find out what type you have before you can start working on it. This type hooks up using flexible chlorine feeder hoses with saddle connection fittings.

Hayward Chlorinator Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

You can buy replacement Hayward Chlorine feeder lines online or from a local swimming pool supply store. Hex head anchors are recommended for better traction when installing into concrete. My newly installed Hayward chlorinator is extremely noisy. The timer on the pump itself is not going to have any effect on the terminals or the chlorinator. The Hayward Chlorinator comes in an offline and an inline model.

Do not use any solvents or chemicals to clean, which can cause a reaction. Be careful not to let the probes short out between two adjacent terminals. The direction of the flow switch is important.

  • It can be wired for either or volts and it is usually wired to the load side of the pump switch and would be the same voltage as the pump.
  • Mine is installed with the connecting cable at the inlet side of the unit.
  • No noise, easy to fill and works just fine.
Above Ground Pool White Goods - Hayward Pool Products

The external ground line for the motor may have a protective green sleeve. It does not matter which probe is placed on which terminal. If you use Trichlor tablets or sticks, the safest, easiest and most accurate way to slow-dissolve them is with a chlorine feeder. In fact Hayward recommends that you reverse the cell after you have cleaned it to prolong the life of the cell.

Wiring up a new variable speed pump with chlorinator

In my opinion, all variable speed pumps and motors should include this feature. If the level is low, determine the number of gallons in your pool and add salt according to the Salt Table located in the owner's manual. If you don't have the original jumpers that came with the unit, you can use short gauge wires.

The Hayward Chlorinator is the most recognized pool chlorine feeder on the market. If you are down and the local parts store does not have original Hayward parts poolpartsonline. Enjoy your new Hayward Aqua Rite salt chlorine generator!

How to Install a Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator

The installation is now complete. Three wires come in from the left of the box. Then check your current and voltage readings.

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