Can you please recommend a good drama? The drama is as much interesting as its name is. Switch, Change the World - A hyped, cool, dating in charlotte and chilling drama within the action genre that seems enjoyable and not boring at all. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You have a way with words.

Those are my personal opinion. Although this category isn't necessarily drama catnip for me, I love Goong beyond reason still best kdrama kiss! This k-drama is a teenage love story, which is a treat to watch. Wol was born as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the then crown prince, Hwon.

Its protagonists are the rivals as investigative journalists from different stations. What makes the show a blockbuster is its out-of-the-world cinematography. She has made many perceptions about her Mr.

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Even though Fated to love you was cheesy, I was invested. Goblin this is so amazing! That scene is perfectly emblematic of the way she bursts into the life of this sober, father's rules for dating humorless man and turns it delightfully upside down. Bride of the century I love the legend of the blue sea.

My favourite list these are the most amazing. Seeing the list of recommendations here, gosh i can't decide yet what i'm gonna watch first heheh. So yes, I too love it when there is more to consider than just the main couple, it does create a fuller picture and, yes, truer, deeper love! Bonus when they're actually married and have to go through the fun process of getting to know each other then.

Probably just my preference but when you watch married couple doing sweet things it just seems so sweet and adorable, esp when they're strangers or enemies at first. He was injured and meets Dr. How can he overcome his difficult situation?

It was so refreshing to see the hilarity. The story portrays the romance and stupid fights between the two plus the action element where Do Bong provides protection to her boss. The premise was more than weird - granted.

  1. My kdrama first love happens to be Delightful Girl Chun-hyang.
  2. This spinoff has no relation to the first season, and had a new cast and plot.
  3. In order to secure her future, she enters into a contract with a handsome guy and becomes his time-limited wife.
  4. The delicious taste of story and aromatic blend of characters in this drama is what makes Coffee Prince popular.
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That drama was a big hit at that time and won so many awards. Her mother works as a housekeeper and she also works part-time jobs to help out. Then we have marriage as a royal duty. It's actually one of the best dramas, and the cast showed superb acting skills.

Marriage, not Dating is also another good one. Unlike dating where you can just break up anytime, walk away when it gets too hard or you are bored, and maybe you never get to the point where you can actually learn be together, forever! Marriage before dating has sucked me into innumerable bad and a few great dramas, films, and books. The protagonist is an alien who lands into the earth in the Joseon dynasty. The alien realises that he has to leave the earth after three months.

  • It also explores the true meaning of family by looking at the brighter side of life.
  • There are several shows I haven't seen here which I need to check out now.
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So the hero hatches a scheme to hire beautiful gold-digger Eom Ji-won to marry him in exchange for a small but still obscene chunk of that change. My fave contract marriage drama is Full House. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon one of the dramas that is forever in my heart! Its a story of her survival where she meets a charming yet shrewd artist who is a doppelganger of a noble guy from her era. Many ongoing dramas this April are cool, but the one that I anticipate the most is Switch.

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Winter Sonata is the second part of the popular Endless Love series. How many have you watched so far? You hit it out of the park, chingu! Not sure if it's just me, choosing a but I think Empress Ki deserves a spot on this list as well. She even did that for formal events!

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The Gumiho then asked him to help her become human and teach her how to act like one. Will have to check it out. We all love Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The story revolves around their journey from ardent rivals to love birds.

This one isn't really a catnip of mine, but I love Marriage Contract a lot. Heroines who are endearingly messy and relatable. Thank you for the recommendations! Jang Keun-suk perfectly fits the tricky role of a con-man and prosecutor, and Han Ye-ri is just so cool and I don't think her quick-witted character will disappoint you.

Try watching it and you'll not regret. Her enemies, jealous of her family's position in court, schemed against her and wrestled away her rightful place as crown princess and nearly takes her life. Yoon Eun-hye's acting as a male is totally on point!


Min Joon is an alien who landed on Earth years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. This article is about the Korean television series. What is your favorite Korean Drama? She is in the Korean traditional music department.

Laughter in Waikiki - It's light, comical, and a good one to watch if you want to relieve heavy feelings and relax for a while. South Korea Bangkok, Thailand. We also have good new dramas, such as Radio Romance, Cross, and Mother. Or the names of the actors in the couple role.

Marriage not dating dramamine side

The show revolves around the life and struggle of an immortal goblin named Shin. The story is unique and the actors are brilliant! That's so entertaining to watch.

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Princess Hours
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It's cute, funny, and stylish. If you're looking for a realistic plot with motivational spices, then this one's for you. Full House had great music too! You might want to see it because the villains here are intense. Of course, arranged marriages are part and parcel of historical dramas.

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