McClellands, who probably own the crown of finest virginia blend producer in the U. Butera Golden Cake has no McClelland equivalent. Aside from the McClelland vinegar smell, the tin aroma was promising, as was the hearty look of the partially rubbed out flakes. And possibly knowing when Rattray's went to the bright yellow labels for there gram tins?

Badger & Blade

That is not the case here as there is plenty of flavor to satisfy me. Mostly sweet, vanilla-ish, standard Danish aromatic taste and smell. There is supposed to be a subtle flavor, dating but I never found it. Its ok but nothing I'm going to keep around.

  1. As I suspected, it does indeed have a mild buttered-caramel popcorn taste, but subtlely so.
  2. It packs well, and I pack it loosely.
  3. Machine-soldered seams - Bands of lead solder much thinner and more-evenly applied.
  4. The aroma is strong in the acidic dimension but enjoyably so.
Vintage Pipe Tobacco

They were often finished with gold leaf or a cheaper mixture of bronze powder and lacquer used like an ink. But what companies put it into my cellar. Anybody know of any source out there with the different labels and the periods that they were in use? Nording's Pointer is not one of them. Room Note Pleasant to Tolerable.

Though moist, it takes to the match readily and requires few relights. To make a point, it's mellow and satisfying. Remember - using patent numbers may be misleading. Early paper labels were printed on hand-made paper and wooden presses.

Outwest Tobacco

These tins were made into the midth century. It's pretty sweet, occasionally showing honey notes. They may be used by non-commercial entities, when written permission is obtained from the contributor, so long as all notices and submitter information are included. Advertisers tended to use the most modern fashions on their labels.

Is there a way to check dates on Estoerica tins

Another source of information could be a merchandise catalog. It does pay to smoke this blend as slowly as you can manage, however, because it will bite if you don't pay attention to it. The cone-top can allowed beer bottlers to retain their old bottling equipment. End of the bowl was no better than it started, with a bitter finish.

Dating McClelland tins with less than the full six numbers

It lights well burns even better leaving a white ash behind. Does anyone know when they went from the light tan to the bright yellow? At some time, tin collectors want to know something about the history behind their tins or more often, how old they are. Everybody especially Newman's review are right on.

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Being a straight Virginia flake, I thought the aging would make this blend extra special, and indeed it was. Of all lemon Virginias I've tried, this one is definitely the best. Thought this was pretty good. Though I smoke for my own enjoyment, it helps to have something others like as well. Many tins marked with this usually have a date associated with its issuance.

The tin aroma is sweet, fruity and very nice. This is particularly true for evaporated or condensed milk cans. In terms of casing, I sometimes feel this has some added honey going on, but I don't always get that impression, so it's a pretty clean straight Va. Index to Wisconsin Brewery and Related Articles. What I did find was some weak Va that couldn?

Dating escudo tins

Oh, and how to the link for dating to read them? The only important thing about dating Rattray's tins is how long they have been in my cellar. Dating tins isn't difficult to do, though it may involve some of your time.

Dating escudo tins - Warsaw Local

Dating escudo tins

This reminds me of how the old Capstan blue used to taste. If you find a patent number on your tin, this listing may help you determine it's approximate age. The smoke produced is medium.

Most manufacturers do not disclose any date on their tins. Note all measurements should be made in inches and sixteenths of an inch Hole-and-cap - Can lids have central cap where food was inserted before sealing. Very mild and very satisfying to me and I guess that is what really matters.

Dating mcclelland tins - Warsaw Local

Targe has a thick layer of dust on it. American express head of brand platform. Its a straight up unadorned Virginia. However, this is soon replaced with a generally dry and hot experience.

Update It appears this method of dating is now out of date
  • They had an easy closure mechanism.
  • If you don't puff oh so gently on this one it heats up like a funace and singes the delicate tissues of the tongue, mouth, etc.
  • Don't forget about telephone numbers.
  • When you find someone here you've identified as having a similar palate it really saves you a lot of time exploring new genres of tobacco by using their experience to guide you.

This is a nice tobacco but nothing special! This one has a lot more dimension to it than most of its kind. In my mind, this proves that I'm going to hate it because I don't like overly sweet, goopy tobaccos. Unlike some other reviewers, I find adequate flavor in this blend, but I have to be patient until after the first quarter. It isn't terribly complex, but the flavor really delivers to the end of the bowl.

Golden Cake smokes best with full steady draws, which yields the best taste from the tobacco and the least amount of tongue bite. Just a hint of something similar to lemon and a touch of spice. All ingredients and additives used as preservatives, dating sites with and all vitamin info must be printed.

Hinged lid tins were on the market. This is a super golden Va. Russell era from a pipe shop that I visit from time to time in the bay area. That seemed to be the best option at the time.

Mcclelland tins

Match clothing, furniture, table settings, automobile make, and slogans ex. This is a caramel-flavoured blend that I'm likely to keep coming back to because of its mild flavour? No tongue bite, not an overwhelming aroma and the taste is very mild.

That's why so many of you are getting well aged tins when you buy their blends. So I felt a bit moronic when I opened it this morning to be met by flakes! Once I settled into the pace of the puff, I found it to be a agreeable smoke.

Up for a spanish escudo dating back to and experiences details how to and cigars. The room aroma is likewise sweet and smooth. Other than the candycorn odor wafting from the tin, there were no surprises here.

Find big savings on escudo navy deluxe pipe tobacco here at pipes and cigars. Copyright and Patent dates can be misleading, dating one person in appearing on the company's products for many years. This could be done in a hole-in-cap can c.

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