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We will replace any part of this reel that fails to operate properly because of defective parts or workmanship. Once dry, repeat this process two more times. Let me make one quick point for the new collectors reading this. Don't know about the bearings.

Push booton release was an innovative feature on the model. Judging from the appearance, it has. He wrote back to me and said I may have made a great new discovery!

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This tells me that your Ambassadeur is no later than a model. With the spool size, some would have had reservations for controlling large fish like the powerful Salmon of Europe and Tropical powerful species encountered here in Australia. The reproduction also has a different texture on the paddle. These reels had plastic side plates and were made in mind for saltwater fisherman. Of course, this is for reels that have no rash or scratches.

I have a ambassadeur 5000c the number on the foot is 760604. its black and

Abu garcia ambassadeur c

They are usually found on boxes in the form of an ink stamp, yugioh dating stenciled white sticker or pin holes punched through the cardboard. You can check the ratio of the reel. This is a complete package with unmarked Record case with chrome buckle. The large knurled aluminum knob is part of the drag system which was incorporated into the handle.

I Have A Ambassadeur c The Number On The Foot Is Its Black And
  1. Matching Lot Number On Foot.
  2. It incorporated an adjustable drag system with the free spool concept.
  3. As we now know, they chose the color red for the side plates and the rest is history.
  4. View of my Display Case Collection.

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Earliest lot number I've recorded for C. All reproduction handles will have a flat post pin. While spool and star drag color arrangements listed below are the ones most often seen with respect to the category they fall under, dating burlington nc there may be variations not listed.

Only by stripping line from the spool, can one see which type spool is installed. Simon and I know many of the serial numbers leading up to the end of production for the De Luxe. The four brushes in the middle are rifle bore brushes of different calibers. They were used from mid into the s.

Pictured below, is a rare version of Record Ambassadeur A. The combination of parts I list by number should be assembled to the reel. Simon told me that never had he considered this reel to exist. Take a close look at the brake plates color and you'll see it's black.

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Model stickers are another concern. They make us recognize our own failures in technique, maintenance regimes or choice of balanced tackle and therefore we grow when we learn to accept our shortcomings and adapt to change. Dip the Q-tip and then squeeze the excess Acetone from it to keep it from running onto the sticker. The Final Chapter book by Simon Shimomura has a segment that shows all models up to with the majority of their version numbers. Another example of specific change was the D.

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One may be surprised at just how good Grandpa's old reel will look when it has been properly cleaned. Urfabriken Patents Custom or Forgery? They are unique to a particular time period which I will not elaborate on further for fear of educating those who wish to deceive. Holding the handle still you will notice the knurled knob rotating when the fish made his run. If too tight then the cast will be shortened.

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 5000 question

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Once an acceptable match is found, the brake plate receives the matching mark of the side plate and frame. That's the day I knew if I wanted to collect them, I had to learn about them. The first series of Ambassadeur is easily recognized by its carriage screw nut found on the left side plate. Email me with questions and I'll be glad to help you. Transitional models don't appear very often but when they do collectors are more than happy to add these scarce items to their collection.

  • Virtually all bait casting reels today use similar technology.
  • If your lantern is no longer holding pressure in the tank then it is likely that the pump has become worn and will need to be replaced.
  • It was predominantly found sporting this hue, but black, green and even annodized gold was produced for this first model.

The Delux gold plated version was released in a teak case. This is the brown version of the bushing model, or so one might think? Actually, the serial number on this reel has nothing. Refer to C Historical Notations for more information on this model. No questions have been asked yet.

The fact that many of their parts are interchangeable makes it even more important you understand when and what reel these parts were assembled to. All metal parts can be cleaned easily using the Q-tip. By tightening the knob to a desired tension, you could apply drag washer pressure against the drive gear assembly which is similar to the conventional star drag wheel. Because of this, collectors can not be certain the frame is original on early models before lot numbers. The handle nut version on this B suggests the same era.

One exception to this rule would be that De Luxe and C De Luxe did not reflect this change right away. The date is located at the bottom right hand corner of the first page and it will precede the year found on the magazines spine. Line for Ambassadeur reel?

Also with small Ambassadeur reels, to prove what these tiny reels tiny compared to the then usual Penn monsters were worth. It was not long before the Borgstom family realized the need to change distribution of Ambassadeur to Garcia! To my mind, based upon fishing experience, any of the classic Ambassadeur family of reels is all one needs to be a totally satisfied fisherman.

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Question

Rust was a problem so Abu developed these low budget reels for that purpose. How do you value something sight unseen and without knowing the condition of the item? You could certainly fish it as the reels built from the s throughout the s are virtually bullet proof. There is the possibility but production numbers should be low.

This one is chocolate in color. Transition is now in full swing. The collector will find some reels that didn't reflect that change immediately.

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