Come get me this very instant please. Are we going to talk it out or what? Jared closes the tabs on his laptop and throws it aside. That he just wants to see his one friend- and his one frenemy, best be happy.

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And if he really does dump you we can always sulk on your couch watching dumb rom-coms and eating ice cream out of the boxes and you can expose to me all his darkest secrets. And when the time is right just casually throw out the question. Captains familiar with either of the other two should find Lenin to be a similar experience.

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Jared throws the door open before they start break the hinges. Secondary Gun Turrets pcs. Obviously Jared is there for moral support and the merciless obligatory teasing. She has an above waterline citadel, so captains should be wary of showing too much side to enemy battleships.

He sighs, but slackens his grip. The end of the world as we know it. Jared has a lot of patience. Evan does always remember to ask him if he wants to tag along, ontario but to hell if Jared would play the third wheel by his own free will. He locked Jared and Connor together in his room.

There are very very few moments in life that Jared could say that he was rendered speechless, with his smart mouth and immediate witty comebacks. Then comes the paranoia, celebrity dating site that maybe everything is just in his head. Go bake some cookies or something.

See the end of the work for more notes. His brain is usually very slow-paced and clear and never this flighty. Biggest plot twist of the millennia.

Please consider turning it on! Do C and E have canon names oooooooor are we forever stuck with just their initials? So he really has no place to complain. The maximum number of fires on a ship is reduced to three. Before you die of hyperventilation or something.

The second one is easier because he already had the jerk part covered. Well, if all fails he can always shove them into a closet together, right? This conversation is turning too gross. You know that better than anyone else.

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November Foxtrot flags can also be mounted to decrease consumable cooldown time. Jared Kleinman makes fun of those who flop around in their own rooms being dumb shits. You should be nicer to him.

Last Stand The ship remains able to move and maneuver while the engine or steering gears are incapacitated. Manually selected target only. Okay maybe not that last one. Is this is actual concerning topic?

He knows perfectly well why Evan would think that. But then some people actually started stumbling upon this blog. He calls himself the master of reading subtext but what if-. One that he hangs out with to make sure his parents pay for his car insurance. My beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful boy.

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After he settles down properly, he redirects his infamous glare at Jared. His phone dings and he takes it out to check the notifications. Jared stifles a groan, looking up to the ceiling of his living room. Movie dates and trips to some abandoned orchard, ice cream places and libraries. It strikes Jared that this boy really does understand him best.

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He either accepts it or he rejects it. One thing led to another and soon the lovebirds were hanging out almost every weekend. Stop sweating over yourself. The dinner date with tree boy and his mother went well, apparently. India Delta and India Yankee flags should be mounted to improve the ship's survivability.

Either this or the printer incident in second grade, which, by the way, I realized recently, was a dick move. Jared throws his hands up in a defeated manner. Did I ever fantasize about wringing your neck? Priority Target Situational Awareness indicator will show the number of opponents currently aiming at you with main battery guns.

The enemy is alerted that a bearing has been taken. But when Evan texts him out of the blue M y mom asked me to invite Connor over for dinner what do i do Well how was he supposed to answer to that? Connor pushes the door open and steps in swiftly. Let loose that hopeless romantic underneath that whole emo thing you have going on. For the first time though, he might be using them for good.

Jared knows what he's doing. When he looks up again, he sees Connor scowling at him. He can throw up a speech about how Evan should remember who his real friends are. Probably not the last story I'm writing for the series let's see how long it takes me to squeeze out more words. Jared gives an unimpressed look.

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Do not let him change the subject before he answers the question. Who the fuck else would it be? No one likes an upset Evan. Then takes three more to contemplate his wording. Evan is deliberately averting his gaze.

Captains looking for either a unique ship or a competitive experience can find both in Lenin. But when Evan texts him out of the blue M y mom asked me to invite Connor over for dinner what do i do. Her characterizations are way too accurate for some random outsider. Even going as far as getting them a recognizable ship name.

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  1. What is wrong with him anyway?
  2. Heyyyyy any treebros updates this week?
  3. It lands softly onto the bed covers soundlessly.
  4. Last Gasp Completely restores the engine boost for the last attack flight of the carrier's planes.
  5. They regularly checked the fridge and his room.
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  • Find common ground, talk it out.
  • He takes a second to reread the question.
  • Furthermore, her turret faces are rather un-angled and fairly thin, so receiving incapacitations to them is a common occurrence.
  • With her unique turret setup and quick turret traverse, staying perfectly angled to the enemy while being able to bring all guns on target is quite easy.
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